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August 2013 – Our New Apprentices

Our New Apprentices

Over the Summer we welcomed three new fresh faced apprentices to our team – Will, Charlie and Kieran.

Will and Charlie live locally and joined GA in July and are due to start college in September. We always believe the best electricians are ones that have carried out an apprenticeship within the Company, getting to know the trade over four years with both practical knowledge and college, as well as getting to know how GA Electrical works.

Earlier this year we approached Wallingford School and asked them to speak to students to see who would be interested in an Apprenticeship. It was surprising to learn how many were unaware that Apprenticeships are available. Many students were staying in Education because they weren’t sure what they wanted to do in the future, and were very keen to apply once they had more information.

Left to Right: Kieran (our Accounts Apprentice) and Charlie (Electrical Apprentice)

We are also delighted to welcome Kieran (top let photo) to the office team as our new Accounts Apprentice. Kieran will be providing essential support to the admin team whilst being taken under the accounts manager’s wing, studying for his AAT qualification over the next two years.

Will, one of our Apprentice Electricians

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