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December 2013 – Upgrade And Get Safe In A Day

Upgrade And Get Safe In A Day


Does Your Fuseboard Look Like This And Need Upgrading?


New Fuseboards are called Consumer Units and have safety trips in them, which mean they will very quickly turn off the power before you receive a dangerous shock. They react at less than 40 milli seconds and save lives every day.

If you haven’t had your Fuseboard changed in the past 5 to 10 years then you should certainly consider upgrading it and if it wasn’t done by an NICIEC Electrician then we also recommend you get it checked.

Great News……..We are currently offering a free service until the end of January 2014, simply send us a picture of your Fuseboard and we will advise if it should be replaced and give recommendations. Forward all enquiries to with the subject heading “Fuseboard check” and we will get back to you with our advice. Alternatively give our office a call on 01491 835875.

Please see below the before and during work pictures of a Fuseboard we recently changed for a Consumer unit, all work was completed and tested in a day.


Before                                                                                      After


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