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October 2011 – The Importance of Electrical Testing

The Importance of Periodic Inspection Reports (PIRs)

Since the success of our Periodic Inspection Report campaign during March of this year, GA Electrical has carried out nearly a hundred Electrical Inspections on homes, churches and commercial properties.  However many properties in the Oxon, Berks and Bucks area have still not been electrically tested since they were first built, which may mean that they do not meet with current regulations and are potentially in a dangerous condition. 

A common problem that GA Electrical found when carrying out electrical inspections is the lack of RCD protection.  While all modern homes now have RCDs (also know as “Trip Switches”), fitted in to the Consumer Unit it has never been a requirement in older properties.  This is a major concern as it is the RCD that protects against electric shocks and reduces the risk of electrical fires.

With older properties there is always the danger that the electrical installations and Fuse Boards will not meet with current regulations. Cabling and accessories are likely to be damaged and it is probable that there will be insufficient earth bonding.  Failure to meet current standards could mean that your Home Insurance will be invalid in the event of an electrical fire.

A Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) is a full electrical inspection for your home.  After an inspection you will receive a certificate in accordance with the very latest regulations, and a list of work that will need to be carried out in order to bring your home up to current standards.

A periodic inspection will;

  • reveal any overloading to your electrical circuits or equipment
  • identify any potential shock risks and fire hazards from your electrics
  • recognize any defective DIY electrical work
  • highlight any lack of earthing or bonding

GA Electrical will also carry out tests on your wiring and electrical equipment to check that it is safe.

Did you know that in addition to getting your home electrics checked in this way, you should also be ensuring that any caravans or swimming pools are safe? Swimming pools should be checked by a registered electrician every year and caravans every three. Other instances when a periodic inspection should be carried out are;

  • Prior to renting out your property
  • Before the sale of your property or when purchasing a previously occupied property

For more information on keeping your home electrically safe please visit the Electrical Safety Council at

If you are interested in getting a PIR for your home, please give us a call.

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