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February 2012 – Periodic Inspection Reports Are Changing

Electrical Installation Condition Reports


Under new regulations, Periodic Inspection Reports are now to be known as Electrical Installation Condition Reports.

Periodic Inspection Reports (PIRs) have been the traditional means to inspect electrical installations to ensure that they meet with current regulations and safety standards.

Amendments to the BS7671, 17th Edition Wiring Regulations means that Periodic Inspection Reports (PIRs) have undergone a re-vamp, changing the original grading system of one to four, to a more user friendly three grades, C1 to C3.

Understanding Your EIC Report


GA Electrical will now issue EICRs instead of PIRs.  Akthough the report is essentially the same, how the electrical installations are graded has changed.

The old PIR Code 1 (requires urgent attention) changes to Code C1 – Danger Present

The old PIR Code 2 (requires improvedment) changes to Code C2 – Potentially Dangerous

The old PIR Code 3 (requires further investigation changes to Code C3 – Improvement Recommended

The existing PIR Code 4 (does not comply with BS7671:2008) will no longer be used and an “FI” will be marked down if further investigation to the installation is needed.

The change in name will not invalidate a current Periodic Inspection Report. A Periodic Inspection Report, now an Electrical Installation Condition Report, should be carried out every 5-10years for domestic properties, after each tenancy for rented properties and 3 years for commercial properties.

Our Fees For Electrical Installation Condition Reports

EICR’s can cost as little as £99plusVAT, depending on the type of property that you own.  Give us a call to find out more. 

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