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Great Teamwork

db-panel-beforedb-3Whilst carrying out some essential testing of a clients fixed wiring installation, our qualified testing engineers discovered that the existing switchgear required upgrading ASAP. Careful scheduling enabled us to carry out the works during a planned shutdown, ensuring that we could leave the installation safe and operational again when the staff returned to work.

We’d established that the distribution equipment required upgrading to comply with current legislation, but there was a major obstacle to overcome. It was housed inside an obsolete switch panel, so to avoid a very costly upgrade of the entire system our team designed a bespoke solution.

db-5howberry-park-db-closedUtilising all our engineering expertise we successfully retro fitted a new Schneider MCB board into the same space occupied by the redundant switch panel. Another tricky element was having to extend some of the cables in order for them to fit, not the easiest of tasks when working in an extremely tight area. It was very labour intensive; as some of the circuits had subsequently been changed, it meant  re-labelling all the sockets and switches that were fed from this board with the correct circuit locations. It was, quite frankly, fantastic work.

Congratulations go to Liam Faulkner, Nathan Wright and Joe Morrison for all their hard work which, by the way, was done over a weekend. Joe needs singling out in particular as he’s only in the first year of his apprenticeship and this was his debut at tackling wiring a distribution board. Go Team GA!

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