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Investing in The Future

Josh Allen

This happy looking chap is Josh Allen, a local 16 year old from Blewbury near Didcot who is fast approaching starting his second year of a 4 year apprenticeship with GA Electrical & Mechanical. He’s always been a ‘hands on’ practical sort of guy and interested in the back-story of electrical works, but out of 5 local companies who he approached seeking an apprenticeship, GA Electrical & Mechanical were the only ones who even responded.

Josh says: “I know first-hand that it’s tough finding many firms prepared to take you on as an apprentice, so it’s great we’re taking on more this year.

I really enjoy the small-works side of what we do; I like the variety of being in a different place most days. I’m sure the latest additions will get just as much out of their time spent with GA Electrical & Mechanical as apprentices as I do.”

The six new apprentices will take up their places in September.

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