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Why Choose Heatmiser?


On all our wet underfloor heating (UFH) and more involved heating system installations, GA always prefer to use Heatmiser controls. Their control solutions can also take care of electric UFH, heated towel rails and even mirror demisters. As generating hot water accounts for more than 80% of your energy usage, Smart Controls can help reduce it whilst increasing comfort. Heatmiser have become one of the UK’s leading heating controls manufacturer, offering solutions for underfloor heating, conventional radiators and renewable energy systems.

Geo Location technology uses your SmartPhone GPS to accurately determine your location. Neo and SmartStat will turn your heating down when you leave home and will have it just the way you like it for when you return. Heatmiser have a wide range of smart thermostat and control products that change the way you control your heating & hot water, from anywhere in the world. Their range of products include room thermostats, underfloor heating thermostats and industrial control systems.

For more information about installation of a Heatmiser solution call us on 01941 835875 or email and go to to see their full range of products available.

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