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Fire Alarm

Protecting life and property inside any building is one of the most vital security factors necessary in all homes, projects, and commercial premises. Group GA take fire safety incredibly seriously, and we know that we can be counted on to provide high quality systems to a vast range of establishments, with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

Fire alarms are essential for not only peace of mind, but for effectively saving lives due to uncontrolled blazes. Detecting fires early via smoke alarm and fire safety systems doubles the chance of survival for those directly affected by an inflammation, which makes them a vitally important tool for commercial, residential and project properties alike.

Our expertise in fire safety ensures that all of our systems are thoroughly planned, checked and tested for reliable fire detection and sound emission, alerting the inhabitants of properties early and effectively. All of our available fire alarm systems are highly advanced, and are installed with meticulous attention to detail. With only the very top of the line systems available, and fitted with intense precision by our dedicated teams, Group GA provides fire alarm and smoke detection systems that you can trust.

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What different types of fire alarms are available?

There are four main types of alarm on the market, all of which have separate installation requirements, and all are also available from us here at GA Fire & Security:

  • Aspirating
  • Beam
  • Flame Detection
  • IONISATION ALARMS – These alarms are sensitive to small particles of smoke which are often produced by fast-flaming fires. It’s advisable to not install ionisation alarms near kitchens or hallways as they are liable to false alarm due to the fumes caused by cooking.
  • OPTICAL ALARMS – These are extremely effective in detecting larger smoke particles from slower burning or smouldering fires. These are not suitable for bathrooms as they can false alarm when exposed to steam, but are good for kitchens and other spaces where there is circulation.
  • MULTI-SENSOR ALARMS – Multi-sensor alarms contain two sensing elements: optical and heat detection. Because these alarms monitor both smoke and temperature, they are very responsive to all types of fire and are a huge safety improvement over traditional, single-sensor alarms. They also do not tend to false alarm as often as ionisation or optical alarms.
  • HEAT ALARMS – These alarms can detect an increase in temperature and are completely insensitive to smoke.

How much will it cost to install a reliable, safe fire alarm system into my property?
Fire safety is essential for any building, and we make sure that specialist equipment is affordable and accessible to everyone. While our costs start from £400, a complete quote for your property would be more accurate after a structural survey and fire safety assessment. With quality-assured fire alarm systems fitted by our dedicated teams, you can trust Group GA to tailor a fire safety system to suit your property and budget.

Why are Group GA the best engineers to fit my fire alarm system?
We know that fire safety isn’t just a government requirement – it’s an essential tool for keeping you, others, and your property safe. Our specialist fire alarm engineers can assess, design and fit tailored fire alarm systems that are appropriate to the size, layout, and use of your property. We understand that no two buildings require the same installations, so our experienced teams will strive for maximum effectiveness and efficiency for your specific conditions alone.