Sustainability is more than just energy efficiency, or recycling packaging from a building project. It’s about every aspect of our industry; from how a building is designed to meet the needs of the owners, occupants and environment.


Maintaining every system we install to be fit for today and tomorrow is also a key factor in sustainability. Longevity means using less materials, less waste and less energy too. Call our team today to discuss your sustainable options.

With a little thought, we can further reduce our impact on the environment:

  • By using recyclable metal containment products for shorter-term installations.
  • We often choose to convert existing luminaires to LED wherever possible.
  • Affordable Control systems to ensure produced heat is contained where and when it should be, don’t fully heat the half of the house your not currently working or when a window is open. 
  • The latest in MVHR technologies ensure you have the luxury of fresh air without dumping your produced heat outside.
At GA we are aware that our travel to and from work is an area we can make a positive impact, we use public transportation where possible and also run ULEZ compliant vehicles and minibuses for larger sites to reduce our overall carbon footprint.