G Stow PLC Offices & Workshop

The brief

G Stow PLC is an established market leader in the water engineering industry across the UK and Europe, with over 100 years of expertise in geothermal and borehole drilling . Upon deciding to commission a brand new headquarters in Wallingford the main contractor, Butler and Proctor, instructed Group GA to undertake all aspects of the M&E installation.

The project

Presented with a big, empty, open plan workshop, Group GA was on a tight lead time as the client was ready to move out of their old warehouse to make way for a new development. There were two significant challenges to this project, the first was to install a heating system. With our inhouse gas team, a decision was made to install gas radiant panels at a high level to enable us to heat the entire warehouse.

The second major challenge to overcome was that the electrical system was flexible as the machinery needed to be regularly moved around. To ensure we met the clients requirements to be able to move the machines, our electrical team installed buzz bar trunking with tap offs which work by having four live bits of copper around the building and wherever you require the machinery to be, you simply connect on to the copper with a switch. This allowed all machinery to be interchanged and work efficiently.

The project extended beyond the heating and flexible electric requirements, with the install of various extracts including welding and fume, along with industrial power in galvanised trunking and conduit. We were also responsible for the installation of all internal and external lighting, including emergency fire alarm system, security and intruder alarm as well as CCTV.

Working to a tight deadline and closely with the client, the Group GA team assisted with the relocation. The warehouse was being commissioned and work was still being completed whilst it was becoming a live site.

The result

Group GA are extremely proud of the heating system installed and the efficiency of the project, as this was the first time we had designed, installed and commissioned this type of heating system, all successfully carried out by our in-house gas team. Group GA continued to maintain the building after the project was completed.