Wiltshire Private Residence

The brief

The Group GA team were contacted about leading the systems and services installation and maintenance for this large newbuild family home in Wiltshire. The challenge? The clients wanted to move in very quickly, without compromising on quality or finish.

The project

The combination of scale, quality and speed on this home gave the Group GA teams some very exciting problems to overcome.

The estate’s grounds are so large, they intersect with three different counties. And the home itself required some unusual, high spec additions. Like the plunge pool fed by its own special external chiller – the team plumbed in a cold water system to serve both this pool, and the rest of the property too.

Or the central vacuum system, a network of internal pipes powered by a giant vacuum unit, to give amazing suction cleaning power anywhere in the building.

The team also had to work quickly to install fire safety, security and air conditioning systems throughout, plus a large LPG powered boiler for heating. All controlled by a central automated building control solution. At one point there were 14 Group GA electricians on site at the same time!

The result

Despite the very high standards of spec and finish, the whole project was completed in just 72 weeks, without any delays or diversions. The Group GA team’s skill and organisational foresight allowed the project to stay on track, and they continue to maintain the various systems for the happy owners.