Ascot Private Residence

The brief

A huge private residence for a very private client. This Ascot house was the company’s biggest ever residential project, pushing Group GA’s in-house experts, and their resources to their limits.

The property was a massive undertaking, utilising leading edge technology and future-proof systems throughout. The heating came courtesy of a ground source heat pump, including back-up gas boilers, plant room and large volume buffer tanks. The energy generated would be used to heat both the main building, with nine bathrooms, as well as the Olympic-sized swimming pool.

In the event of a power cut, the plans also requested the installation of a high spec back-up generator, capable of powering the property for up to four days, before requiring refuelling.

The client also specified underfloor heating and ultra modern air conditioning capabilities throughout, all controlled via smart building management control systems.

The smart home automation specifications included everything from window blinds and shutters to music entertainment through ‘invisible’ speakers hidden in the ceilings.

To keep people and property safe, a state of the art security system was required, including motion and pressure activated ground sensors that partnered with the CCTV set up to give instant visual updates. All controlled from a central security hub, where personnel could monitor alarms, heating, CCTV, and fire safety in an instant.

The project

To fit out the interior, the client hired a high-end European company, who scanned the entire property interior, before creating and installing the floors and other marble elements. These exacting standards had to be replicated in our approach, which meant our socket back boxes, sensors and anything else we installed needed to be perfect, down to the millimetre.

The fire and smoke alarm system was suitably epic too, featuring an extensive aspirating system linked to a network of 1m x 1m ducting to extract smoke away rapidly during a fire. As well as monitoring the installation, the Group GA team needed to make sure the whole system was easy to service as part of ongoing maintenance plans.

Another challenge was the extensive photovoltaic roof solar system, which needed to be installed flush with the rest of the roof to keep visibility to a minimum. The huge lighting requirements also proved to be a test for Group GA’s bright sparks, as the planning constraints insisted on minimal light pollution.

The result

Everyone at Group GA agrees, this was our most challenging project ever. But the end result is something we’re all extremely proud of, especially because it epitomises how we work together as an integrated team, capable of scaling up with additional specialisms at a moment’s notice.

The very demanding client kept us on our toes, and when requirements changed, we were always there with a smart solution or practical way ahead.