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Commercial & Domestic EICR Testing

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Electrical testing is important. There is little point in setting up regulations to control the way in which electrical installations are designed and installed if it’s not verified that they’ve been followed. For example, the protection of installation users against the danger of fatal electric shock due to indirect contact is usually the low impedance of the earth-fault loop.

Electrical testing ensures this impedance is correctly measured and thus safety can be confirmed. In this case the test can’t be carried out during installation because part of the loop is made up of the supply system which is not connected until the work is complete.

Although the UK has a fairly good record of electrical safety, there are still over 30 deaths and nearly 4000 injuries from electrical accidents and the 8000 fires that occur in the home each year. Most of the accidents in the home involve faults in, or misuse of, domestic appliances, flexes, plugs or connectors. A large number are related to electrical maintenance or DIY activities. The major dangers to health from electrical accidents are from shock, burns, electrical explosion or arcing, fire, and mechanical movements initiated by electricity.

testing-2Please remember if you do not have the results of a previous test and/or wiring diagrams then a great deal of time is required to determine the detail of each circuit. At GA Electrical and Mechanical our engineers work according to the IEE code of practice for In-Service Inspection and testing of Electrical Equipment (PAT testing) and fixed wiring inspection & testing. The purpose of PAT testing is to ensure electrical equipment is maintained and inspected regularly so as to prevent electrical failure and the danger which may result from this. Fixed wiring testing is to ensure your electrical installation is safe and fit for purpose. Electrical testing is an essential task and can be difficult so it’s necessary to let a professional do it. The electrical test report is displayed in a test certificate which is a legal document. The certificate is similar to a fault log report but it also contains a count of occurrences of each fault.

Electrical testing is an essential task and can be time consuming and inconvenient as the power has to be turned off for some tests. However, we can generally work around your limitations to losing power to reduce any inconvenience. For homeowners and companies alike we can arrange to carry out testing in the evenings and over weekends. Our engineers have been known to work Bank Holidays and even over Christmas.


Inspection provides the ideal opportunity for checking the general condition of the equipment and that all parts are in sound condition. Our skilled team provides a comprehensive testing and inspection service, ensuring that anything from a mobile to a stately home is running as safely and efficiently as possible. A EICR (Electrical installation Condition Report) will reveal if any circuits or electrical equipment are being overloaded, locate any potential electrical shock risks and fire hazards in an installation, identify any defective DIY electrical work, or highlight any lack of earthing or bonding.

Check when your test is due and give us a call on 01491 835875