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Weighhouse Street

weighhouse-street-1Only the highest quality of workmanship would be accepted on this project with the building considered to be of historic value and listed. All work had to be carried out with the greatest of care, particularly where the work had an impact on the fabric of the building or its structure or structural integrity.

This is a 6 storey building including lower ground floor. The existing ground and lower ground floor consisted of 4 retail units accessed from Weighhouse Street. All other floors above ground are residential and accessed from a communal staircase. The works we undertook relate to these existing retail units on the ground/lower ground floor and the one existing apartment on the first floor above the units. As part of these works, the 4 existing retail units were be stripped out and refurbished to provide 2 new retail units and the existing apartment was also stripped out and refurbished to provide 2 new apartments.

The scope of the Works included:

First Floor Apartments:

weighhouse-hallwaySupply and installation of:

2 new 60A supplies (1 for each new apartment) from the existing Ryefield Panel on the ground floor

New lighting (including controls) to these apartments and the new section of communal corridor from the first floor landing

New small power wiring and accessories to the new apartments

2 independent interlinked smoke and heat alarm systems (1 to each apartment).

New home network to each apartment and the installation of a telephone line to each apartment cabled to the existing distribution point within the lower ground floor stairwell.

1 new intruder alarm system to each apartment.

Extension of the existing door entry system to include both new apartments. This work included the extension of both front and rear door entry panels at ground floor and the supply and installation of new door entry receivers within each apartment.

Extension of the existing landlords satellite/V distribution system to provide a single fibre optic feed from the communal aerial array to each apartment. This fibre feed was converted to standard coax cable distribution within each apartment to provide full Sky+ satellite services and terrestrial digital television services to each television outlet.

New LTHW heating system via Valliant combi boiler (1 per apartment) serving a series of radiators and towel rails.

New mains cold & hot water distribution to all bathroom and kitchen outlets.

Incoming natural gas supplies from new external gas meters.

High efficiency heat recovery ventilation system including trickle/boost controls.

Wireless heating control system for flexible end user functionality.


weighhouse-kitchenweighhouse-bathroom-1Ground Floor/Lower Ground Floor Retail Units

Supply and installation of:

1 new 100A 3-phase supply to 1 retail unit including meter and installation of 1 new 200A 3-phase supply to the other retail unit. A CT-chamber was supplied and installed adjacent to this supply, with this supply energised by the incoming tenant.

New temporary 110V lighting (including emergency lighting) to both retail units.

New small power wiring and accessories to the retail unit with the 100A 3-phase supply.

2 independent interlinked smoke and heat alarm systems (1 to each retail unit).

Retention of the existing incoming telephone lines which had to be protected for the future retail tenants.

Mains cold water and gas supplies to the retail units c/w WC fit out including extract ventilation.